18 July 2011

Eliminate False Alarms and Improve Response Immediately

Videofied security systems, available on the FAC64 Massachusetts State Contract, it delivers police when you need them - through video verified alarms.  RSI Video Technologies develops innovative wireless self-powered solutions to resolve security problems for commercial, residential and government applications.  With public increasing pressured by budget cuts, video verified alarms help optimize security costs, while assisting police in capturing more intruders and providing better protection.

A very sophisticated motion sensor combined with a night vision camera and illuminators send a 10 second video clip thru the GPRS wireless network to our central station for verification.  When the intrusion is confirmed, appropriate dispatched response protocols are followed to respond to the intrusion as a crime in progress.  The system is totally wireless and battery operated with a battery life of 4-5 years.  The system protects commercial, government, utility and construction facilities and provides key protection for critical infrastructures as well as simple alarm verification to minimize false alarm calls.


Brochures and Specification Sheets:

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