16 May 2011

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices For Integrated Physical Security Capabilities Supporting Massachusetts Document Reference: ITD-SEC-10.1 “Enterprise Physical & Environmental Security Policy”

After careful review of the Commonwealth of “Massachusetts Enterprise Physical & Environmental Security Policy”, the following Whitepaper was prepared as a response utilizing concepts, best practices and the countermeasures & tools available under contract FAC64 “Security Surveillance and Access Control Systems.”  

Physical Security Technology today is all about the network, if you’re not on the network you are probably not working.  The physical protection of facilities including the perception of detection of negative human behaviors is the key to effective physical, network security and risk management. 

In response to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Enterprise Physical & Environmental Security Policy (Reference # ITD-SEC-10.1 Issued Dated 10-29-2010) issued by the Information Technology Division, this document articulates available physical security and monitoring solutions to meet the requirements that Secretariats and their respective Agency or Contractors facilities must address in defining a policy to implement adequate physical and environmental security controls and to secure and protect information, assets, infrastructure and Information Technology (IT) resources by using solutions provided to these departments under procurement contract Operational Services Division (OSD)  contract FAC64.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of American Alarm & Communications, Inc., (AACI).  Additionally, neither AACI nor any of its employees makes any warrantee, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, or process included in this publication. Users of information from this publication assume all liability arising from such use.

According to this policy the Secretariats and their respective Agencies must implement the appropriate combination of controls (administrative, technical, physical) to provide reasonable assurance that security objectives are met. Agencies must achieve compliance with the overall information security goals of the Commonwealth including compliance with laws, regulations, legal agreements, policies and standards to which their technology resources and data, including but not limited to personal information (PI), are subject.  This policy encompasses existing technologies existing within each department and the physical security solution technologies themselves since these integrated solutions are also network appliances.

Download the above document to learn more or call 508-453-2731 to discuss you security requirements.

11 May 2011

IFSEC 2011 - The Complete Security Event - What's HOT!

Here is What's HOT!

Assa Abloy's latest innovation - Aperio
On display will be Assa Abloy’s latest innovative locking technology, Aperio, which enables the wireless integration of mechanical locks into existing access control systems, offering a cost effective and simple security upgrade.
If you are a facilities manager or have responsibility for security and have key control problems that are costly and time consuming, then this is the product for you, Assa claims.
Suitable for public and commercial building extensions, Aperio has been designed to upgrade mechanically locked doors and wirelessly connect them to existing online access control systems, with minimal modification to doors and premises.
Bosch Security Systems
Bosch Security Systems has launched a new portfolio of high definition surveillance technologies for applications where HD is preferred as part of an overall CCTV solution.
Bosch is to promote its new products in a series of HD Roadshows at IFSEC on stand five/D90.

Dallmeier presents Panomera
At this year’s IFSEC Dallmeier presents Panomera, which it describes as “a completely new HD camera technology that eclipses all previously known approaches”. Panomera is a novel camera technology which was specifically developed for the comprehensive surveillance of spacious areas, Dallmeier says.
It offers a panoramic overview with simultaneous real-time recording (up to 30 images/s). Panomera delivers highly detailed images even at large distances, which significantly reduces infrastructure requirements, according to the company.
New Gallagher Reader Range
Gallagher, manufacturers of the Cardax FT access and intruder alarms security system, will introduce their new reader range at this year’s IFSEC.
The Gallagher T10, T11 and T12 Readers are attractive card readers which provide fast, secure access by simply passing a card across the face of the unit. Not only are these readers highly functional and durable, they are also designed to work across the spectrum of enterprise installations.
Their overall aesthetic treatment will complement contemporary architectural spaces, materials, hardware and finishes while subtly projecting an identity of security to distinguish it from other products that share wall space, Gallagher claims.

LightSYS new flexible hybrid systems
LightSYS is a new Flexible Hybrid System with advanced IP and GSM/GPRS communication as well as a choice of wired, wireless, and Risco Bus detectors. LightSYS will be featured alongside the ProSYS Integrated Security System and Agility Flexible Wireless Solution.
A new video verification solution will also be launched, which includes a battery powered PIR detector with an integrated camera that provides video verification of events, and remote viewing upon demand.

Mayflex - IFSEC's 'trusted IP advisor'
Mayflex is coming to IFSEC as “a trusted IP advisor”, aiming to help both those new to IP obtain a greater understanding and also to support those already established IP players through their expertise and experience.  In Hall 4, Stand C20, Mayflex will be helping anyone who is new to IP by offering basic introductory advice and answering any initial queries.
They will also be showcasing their products and design solutions for those who are already experienced within the market, which includes a range of complementary infrastructure and networking solutions.
IP, hybrid, or analogue? CCTV, access control, or intruder?
However complex or straight forward your requirement maybe, the answer we’re told can be found on Norbain’s stand in hall 5.
Whether you work on the ground or the cloud, or anywhere in between, norbAin’s knowledgeable staff will be on hand to guide you towards the solution best suited to your specification, and of course budget.

Panasonic's new 16 channel NDR
Panasonic will introduce its new 16 channel NDR, the WJNV200, to security professionals at IFSEC 2011. Showcasing a collection of intelligent features, the WJ-NV200 delivers leading edge technology within an adaptive PC-less setup incorporating simple mouse operation.
The ‘analogue-like’ 4-stage set up and intuitive operation makes the WJ-NV200 versatile for a range of public locations and ensures ease of use. The built-in decoder eliminates the need for a PC; reducing the total cost of ownership and removing time and complication from operation.
Samsung City
Samsung's largest ever booth at IFSEC will allow it to demonstrate its Samsung City concept.
Samsung’s new stand in Hall 5, which is over 40% larger than last year’s, will provide an ideal platform to effectively demonstrate the full range of security solutions made up from the company’s latest line-up of IP & network products and other technologies from its CCTV, access control, door entry and intruder detection portfolio.
Education, Education, and yet more Education
The theme for this year’s SANYO stand at IFSEC is ‘Education, Education and yet more Education’.
SANYO want to ensure the pace at which Full HD camera technology is utilised by end-users is not affected by the lack of training by all who are involved in the sales channel. It has therefore introduced, and will be demonstrating at IFSEC, stand C70, Hall 5, an interactive Full HD technology training programme.
This comprises a number of modules tailored to cater for the specific requirements of end-users, consultants, installers/system integrators and distributors. Each module comprehensively covers how to design, install and commission a surveillance system based around Full HD camera technology.
Sony Professional's new high definition CCTV camera
Sony Professional is set to unveil new high definition CCTV cameras at this year’s IFSEC. The company will showcase four new HD / Full HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras. Visitors to Sony’s stand, in Hall 4, will also have the opportunity to see the latest additions to its analogue and Networked Security Recorder (NSR) ranges.
The company is also to launch a range of standard definition cameras aimed at entry-level and mid-range Network Video Recorder markets. The NVR products should bring the option of hybrid and full-IP security solutions to smaller budgets and are ideal for small-scale monitoring applications, Sony says.
TDSi new facial recognition reader
Access control company tdsi is to demonstrate its new facial recognition reader.
Based at stand E30, in Hall 4, TDSi will also be showcasing its EXgarde access and integrated security systems management software, VUgarde IP digital video surveillance solution, MICROgarde networkable controller product and SOLOgarde stand-alone access control system.
The company will also show how the biometric system can be integrated onto existing or planned security and surveillance systems.
Risco's comprehensive security solutions
Risco Group will be exhibiting its comprehensive line of security solutions at stand D10, Hall 4, including several solutions new for the show.
Also on display will be the GT600 Series of control panels, prominent in the UK market. GT600 panels are designed for commercial and institutional installations up to 136 zones.
Winsted launch Ascend console
Technical furniture specialists WinstEd, has claimed to have taken control room console design to new heights with the launch of the new Ascend console, being shown for the first time in the UK at IFSEC.
The Ascend, the latest addition to Winsted’s Prestige Series of consoles, features electric leg lifts offering three programmable height settings enabling operators to adjust the work surface height with the touch of a button for versatility and comfort.
Also on display will be Winsted’s M-View monitor wall, never shown before on UK soil. The M-View is a completely modular viewing solution, which we’re told is suited for any control room environment.
Y3K's latest camera's line up
Y3K will demonstrate its latest camera line up including HD IP Cameras and DVRs from Xvision along with DIY security products and vehicle CCTV solutions from Smart Witness.
Exclusive to this year’s show will be the launch of “the world’s smallest portable WiFi Camera”, the Smart-i. Measuring just 30mm in diameter and offering high quality video and audio, the camera can stream continuously for remote viewing on any wireless enabled device including PCs and Smartphones.

10 May 2011

Bomb Dog used by the American Military in Afghanistan

This video tells a story of a bomb dog used by the American military in Afghanistan.  Bomb dogs have been an invaluable asset to US military operations as they are capable of detecting explosives, finding enemy combatants, and chasing down anyone who tries to escape.  General David Petraeus, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan, has said of the dogs "The capability they bring to the fight cannot be replicated by man or machine.  By all measures of performance, their yield outperforms any asset we have in our industry. Our Army would be remiss if we failed to invest more in this incredibly valuable resource."

05 May 2011

Satellite's Facial Rec Spotted Bin Laden in September 2010

U.S. officials revealed yesterday that facial recognition software honed in on Osama bin Laden from satellite as early as September 2010. The al-Qaeda founder was identified while he was exercising in his Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound, a win that led to Sunday's successful operation.
We now know that the compound had been under surveillance for months prior to that first sighting. 
This type of facial recognition wouldn't have been possible only a few years ago. The extreme high-definition image resolution of the satellite's camera, combined with today's advanced facial rec capabilities, enabled officials to ID bin Laden from space--an amazing concept, even in 2011. 

Physical Security Talking Points and Fraud

When discussing physical security, there are several important talking points to consider. Here are some key points to include: Risk Assessm...