01 October 2009

Need a CEO

As networks become more reliable and businesses depend on them for more of their core business needs, it is important for IT, Security and Operation Managers to put into place networking solutions and equipment that not only meets or exceeds their current needs but also provides the scalability to meet bandwidth and functionality demands down the line.
My client provides such a solution and their platform has been very successful. They have developed a and will be spinning off as a new entity a SaaS and Licensing solution that will provide an Intelligent Integrated Risk Operations (IIRO). The solution includes a Networked Video Management Solution (NVMS), the ability to integrate with Point of Sale (POS) systems, Access Control Systems, IP, Analog Cameras and other edge-based devices, Video Analytics, energy control systems and especially data mining. With over 800 locations installed and tested over the last few years the algorithms developed by this group provide outstanding loss prevention and risk mitigation, the best I have ever seen.
This start up will be privately owned and is being funded by Venture Capital and want to go to market on or before 01-01-10. They are looking for a CEO with security industry experience and asked me to help them locate someone from my universe. If you are interested, please forward you resume to me. The company is based in the Eastern United States and operates here and in the EU. You will need to sign a non disclosure document before I can give you any more information.

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