23 September 2010

Physical Security Technology, Loss Prevention, Asset Prevention and Fraud Prevention Professional Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I have recently been doing a bit cleaning and upgrading in my own "blogosphere", and came up with an idea to invite my readers, who wish to be great guest bloggers on my new blog page www.SecurityTalkingPoints.com.  I would enjoy having you, or someone from your marketing department, share information about your physical security technology solutions and services and especially case studies of the applications.  

Guest blogging has become very popular in the blogosphere as most bloggers write a guest post to gain exposure, more readers and free traffic.   You can link back to your own blog and website, which should give you some more exposure, more readers and free traffic to your website as well as mine.  If interested just drop me a note to James.McDonald@PST-mail.com to discuss the details.

Physical Security Talking Points and Fraud

When discussing physical security, there are several important talking points to consider. Here are some key points to include: Risk Assessm...