28 July 2011

PSIM for the Rest of Us!

I spent some time with Next Level Security Systems to learn more about their solutions.  Next Level Security Systems is a physical security company focused on developing a new breed of unified networked security products. Next Level’s products combine the performance, sophistication and functionality of enterprise-class security systems into a compact, unified and affordable package, enabling customers of all sizes to take advantage of these innovative networked solutions.

There Unified Security Platform or NLSS Gateway is a completely unique IP security solution. It combines video management, access control, video analytics, intrusion alerts and more onto a single networked platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through a Web browser. Data from these subsystems is automatically correlated, providing users with a comprehensive view of security operations.

NLSS is headed by Peter Jankowski, there CEO & Chairman.  Prior to starting Next Level Security Systems, Peter Jankowski was the CTO of the Physical Security Business Unit at Cisco, focusing on digital video surveillance. Before joining Cisco, he was the CEO and CTO for SyPixx Networks where he was responsible for product design and direction of a suite of IP-based digital video products and solutions delivering broadcast quality digital video, audio and data to users over standard Ethernet/IP and fiber optic networks to the security, infrastructure and transportation markets. Cisco Systems acquired SyPixx in April of 2006.  Why Peter is important is this that he makes solutions that work.  To me that was why I looked further.

I see the power of systems integration as our future.  Next Level is still in their early stages, but in my opinion they are headed in the right direction.  PSIM software solutions are great for those with big budgets however you may want to take a look at NLSS for most of everyone else. Next Level Security Systems: http://www.nlss.com

·         Unified Solutions:  http://www.nlss.com/solutions.html
·         Video Management (VMS): http://www.nlss.com/productsgateway-video.html
·         Access Control:  http://www.nlss.com/productsgateway-access.html
·         Video Analytics: http://www.nlss.com/productsgateway-analytics.html
·         HD Media Decoder: http://www.nlss.com/productsdecoder.html

NLSS has applications in Retail, Government, Commercial, Industrial, Education, Healthcare, Financial, Entertainment, Gamming and Residential. 

Since ADT purchased Proximex in April 2011, I believe that we may see pricing fall in the PSIM market and be more competitive for man verticals. However for many small and mid level clients and well as clients with multiple locations NLSS may be a good solution. For a demonstration, give me a call.

18 July 2011

Eliminate False Alarms and Improve Response Immediately

Videofied security systems, available on the FAC64 Massachusetts State Contract, it delivers police when you need them - through video verified alarms.  RSI Video Technologies develops innovative wireless self-powered solutions to resolve security problems for commercial, residential and government applications.  With public increasing pressured by budget cuts, video verified alarms help optimize security costs, while assisting police in capturing more intruders and providing better protection.

A very sophisticated motion sensor combined with a night vision camera and illuminators send a 10 second video clip thru the GPRS wireless network to our central station for verification.  When the intrusion is confirmed, appropriate dispatched response protocols are followed to respond to the intrusion as a crime in progress.  The system is totally wireless and battery operated with a battery life of 4-5 years.  The system protects commercial, government, utility and construction facilities and provides key protection for critical infrastructures as well as simple alarm verification to minimize false alarm calls.


Brochures and Specification Sheets:

Call me at 508-453-2731 to learn more about Videofied.

04 July 2011

Blast-Resistant Camera Receives Safety Act Designation

A BRAVE camera
undergoes a test
to determine its
 ability to withstand
high temperatures.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate awarded a SAFETY Act designation to Visual Defence USA, Inc. for its blast-resistant video system designed for use in mass transit vehicles. This marks the first time a product has received both a SAFETY Act designation and a SECURE certification.

The Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act is designed to ensure that legal liability does not deter potential manufacturers or sellers of anti-terrorism technologies from developing, deploying, and commercializing potentially life-saving technologies, while also guaranteeing that a technology works as advertised and effectively supports a homeland security mission. Virtual Defence’s Blast Resistant Autonomous Video Equipment (BRAVE) camera achieved this designation because of the support it provides to investigators in the event of a mass-transit incident. Similar to the well-known “black box” recording devices found in airplanes, BRAVE cameras could be installed in trains, buses and subways.

In April 2011, BRAVE became the first technology to receive SECURE certification. This program promotes cooperative relationships between DHS and the private sector in developing products or services that meet homeland security needs in the context of a dynamic marketplace. Such a joint designation is just one example of successful public-private partnerships that are supporting the homeland security mission.

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