22 September 2011

Retail Solutions for Loss Prevention and Operations Management

I had a great time at the New England Organized Retail Crime Symposium & Trade Show yesterday in Worcester, Massachusetts. I especially enjoyed listening to the speakers and the many attendees’s that I had the privilege of speaking with concerning their biggest concerns today.  The common thread for me in these conversations was:
  • Multiple offender crimes
  • Flash Mobs
  • Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Better Internal Fraud Detection Solutions
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Reduce Shrinkage
  • Increase Staff Safety
  • Measure Business Performance
  • Ensure Procedure Compliance
  • Better Remote Internal and External Video Views and Integration Solutions
  • Better Analytics, Including
    • Loitering in high-risk areas
    • Removal of multiple high-priced items
    • In-store, after hours motion detection
    • Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) alarm activation
    • People counting entering the location
    • Measure traffic flow patterns by aisle, displays or other areas
    • Identify peak busy periods
    • Be alerted to customers waiting at the registers
  • Better Data Mining including:
    • Smart transaction profiling that employ hundreds of built-in, expert business rules to quickly spot patterns of theft and fraud
    • Transaction analysis that also enables searching on credit cards1, coupons, gift and discount cards
    • Easy-to-use query designer enabling development of custom rules to reflect adherence to corporate policies
    • User-definable Dashboard displays the most important data in a Web-based UI
    • Data mining accuracy is enhanced through the statistical weighting of the unique characteristics and selling mix of every store
    • Increased productivity results from conducting investigations with confidence and knowing precisely where the most problematic issues exist
    • Custom report writer delivers interactive reports with essential information, and permits data export to Excel, XML, or other formats
    • Visual intelligence links receipts with digital video to verify suspect POS transactions
Today’s integrated security technologies offer all of these solutions and more.  At American Alarm and Communications, Inc., we offer complete security solutions for customers with high demands for security and efficient solutions.  Prioritized market segments are bank and financial institutions, retail, transport and logistics, state and local governments, health care, defense and industry.  The offering is supported by modern technology within for example, access control, video surveillance, critical audio communications, intrusion prevention, fire alarm systems, integration, service, inspections and monitoring.

I you have any concerns like these, we can have a serious discussion of your goals and plans we can help you design and budget a solution for your organization that can deploy within months and begin to pay for itself immediately.   Please contact me at your convenience to arrange an initial consultation.  I have a paper I quickly wrote to discuss an example of a possible solution, drop me a note for a copy.

Riding the wave of hosted video at ASIS 2011 |

Riding the wave of hosted video at ASIS 2011 |

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