24 August 2012

AXIS Communications Q6035-E PTZ Deserves a Look, it’s a Powerful Tool

I spent a day this month at AXIS Communications new Headquarters in Chelmsford, Massachusetts; I had not been there since 2007 when I was working with them in deployment of their new IP dome camera at that time.  I got to see their impressive new facility and get an up-date on current and future products.
I see their “P” and “Q” series cameras as very powerful solutions for many commercial applications.  I had recommended their Q6035 & Q6035-E PTZ cameras to an existing client who needed an immediate 2.0mp PTZ for a government application.  In fact they told me today that they are very satisfied with its quality and performance.

Some key features of the Q6035-E are:
  • HDTV 1080p 25/30 fps as well as 
  • HDTV 720p 50/60 fps
  • Day/night and H.264
  • 20x optical zoom
  • Outdoor-ready with Arctic Temperature Control
  • Active Gatekeeper and tour recording
  • High Power over Ethernet

The Q6035-E is designed for the most demanding applications, the outdoor-ready PTZ dome provides HDTV coverage of large areas, great details when zooming in, and high-speed pan/tilt performance. It is ideal for city and perimeter surveillance, as well as at airports and seaports.  The HDTV 1080p complies with the SMPTE 274M standard regarding a 1920x1080 pixel resolution (twice the resolution of HDTV 720p), full frame rate at 25/30 frames per second, HDTV color fidelity and a 16:9 format. AXIS Q6035-E also supports 50/60 frames per second in HDTV 720p, ideal for applications that require the capture of quick movements and smoother video. Due to the HDTV 1080p resolution, the camera’s 20x optical zoom with autofocus provides extremely detailed zoomed-in views that are comparable to a 4CIF-resolution camera with more than twice the optical zoom. AXIS Q6035-E supports day/night functionality for clear video even in low light conditions, and wide dynamic range for better visibility of objects in dark and light areas of a scene.

The AXIS Q6035-E PTZ Dome Network Camera collected the platinum award in the "IP Video Surveillance Cameras" category at the Govies Government Security Awards at GovSec in April 2012.

If you have not looked at Axis in a while, I suggest you look again.  Go to www.axis.com for more information.

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