12 May 2020


In the last 20 years, critical infrastructure security professionals have recognized that their systems are potentially vulnerable to both physical and cyber-attacks. Organizations have invested huge sums to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities in physical protection systems and computer network operations. Yet, in many ways, physical security and cybersecurity remain separate and independent disciplines. Their analyses are performed by separate teams and documented in separate reports, with remediation plans generated and implemented by separate organizations with very different cultures (e.g., “geeks” versus “cops”).

However, today infrastructure systems consist of both physical and cyber components that interact with one another in complex ways.  Cyberattacks are one of the greatest threats facing global businesses today. Hardly a day goes by that there is not a report of hackers breaching company networks and stealing sensitive customer or personal data.   At ADT Commercial we help enhance your physical and cybersecurity efforts with interactive network managed services. We own two Network Operations Centers (NOC) as part of our Integrated Solutions Division. From the NOC we can design, implement, install, commission, manage, and monitor a separate and dedicated IT network for your security applications. We can also with your IT resources to determine if partitioning your existing network to segment your critical business data from other functions is a better option for your operations. In Addition, our team can help manage broadband connections, guest WiFi, etc.

  • Remote health checks of IP-enabled devices on the network such as cameras, DVRs and NVRs, hard drives, sensors, card readers, and intercoms.
  • Email and voice notification of potential problems or data breach attempts.
  • A data protection and disaster recovery program in place.
  • Remote repair or technician dispatch if a problem is discovered, such as a camera dropping off the network or unusual hard drive usage or failure.
  • Monitoring point-to-point tunnel, local site connectivity, and network up/down status.
  • Monthly health summary reports, annual tests, preventive maintenance, audits, and compliance tracking.
  • Up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software, since we will monitor for new releases/latest patches and automatically install remotely.
  • Monitoring for cybersecurity threats including email breaches.
  • 24/7/365 visibility into your network

Our employees hold certifications in both Cisco and Meraki, providing them with advanced knowledge in designing and implementing an integrated security solution for your business.

For a whitepaper to review the concepts in more detail or to start a conversation call me at (774) 218-5140 or email me at JamesMcDonald@ADT.com.

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