30 December 2010

SituCon Systems, A New Way To View Surveillance Solutions

SituCon Systems is the leading innovator of hardware and software technologies that provide both safety and privacy.  SituCon’s Emergency Awareness Solution uses innovative privacy protecting technologies, a sophisticated alerting system and on-demand video to deliver complete peace of mind. Public safety agencies, schools, municipalities and businesses around the country use SituCon’s products to protect safety and safeguard privacy. The company is headquartered in Port Washington, NY. For more information please visit www.situcon.com.

Today, a wide variety of threats often occur in areas that are inappropriate for surveillance such as classrooms, churches and town hall meeting rooms. However, when a high risk situation such as a violent event or natural disaster occurs, an individual’s expectation of privacy is superseded by a need for protection. 

Previously, privacy concerns defined where cameras could be placed and limited the amount of protection provided. SituCon’s Privacy Protecting Technology eliminates these privacy concerns and provides us with the greatest safety.

Because you control when the camera is on, SituCam Privacy Protecting cameras can be placed everywhere and anywhere there may be a potential threat or vulnerable scenario. 

Not only is video provided, but with SituCon’s wireless Instant Alerts individuals immediately make responders visually aware of their situation and location.

SituCon’s Privacy Protecting Technology is designed for places where traditional video surveillance systems can’t go. It is the ideal solution for municipal buildings, schools, libraries, senior centers, religious institutions, or anywhere privacy is a concern as for the first time is both safety and privacy provided.

SituCon Systems Solutions

In the event of an emergency, SituCon provides individuals the greatest safety possible. Responders are instantly alerted and provided real-time video of the situation, helping ensure that those in trouble get help as quickly as possible or when applied to public contact or interview areas, SituCon's solution can record the event on command.

When applied to monitoring sensitive areas, the reverse is also true.  SituCon can stop monitoring these critical areas when policy or collective bargaining agreements require such action.  Contact me today to learn more about this powerful solution.  

23 December 2010

Happy Holiday's

It’s that time of year that we enjoy, when we spend it with family and friends.
So today I wish you all the best and hope that you and your loved ones are always blessed.
May your thoughts be happy and filled with cheer, here’s wishing they continue throughout the New Year!

-James McDonald

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