20 April 2010

“What am I going to do now to reduce shrink even more than before?”

I finally had a moment to sit down and read the March-April edition of Loss Prevention Magazine and I just read an article by Kevin M. Plante entitled “The Next Great Thing to Reduce Shortage” (http://www.losspreventionmagazine.com/archives_view.html?id=2568) and I found it to be excellent. 

As a long time student of loss prevention I have believed that my job is to influence the behaviors of my client’s customers and employees with technology. To do this I use solutions such as: Video Surveillance, Access Control Solutions, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), Alarm Panels, Point of Sale Systems (POS), and any other system or equipment that can be monitored like HVAC or specifically a temperature control in a walk-in cooler. We can collect data from all of these devices and with understanding use that data to predict areas of potential risk or fraud.

Kevin’s article discusses the recent availability of biometric solutions which will improve my “Trust but Verify” belief of making sure your employees are doing their job.

Make sure you find the right software to bring all the available information together. If you need any suggestions just drop us a note or give us a call and we can make some suggestions based on your needs. We all want to do all that we can to protect your BRAND from risk and fraud so that your business can be as profitable as it can be in today’s volatile marketplace.

Great article Kevin!

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