11 October 2019

08 February 2019

Going to HiMSS19 in Orlando?

The 2019 HIMSS Global Conference & Exhibition, February 11–15, 2019 in Orlando, is the leading health information and technology conference, bringing together 45,000+ professionals from 90+ countries for the education, innovation and collaboration they need to transform health through information and technology – all at one time, all in one place. Choose from 300+ education sessions, 1,300+ vendors, hundreds of special programs and endless networking events.

If you are going, please stop by and see my friends at ASCOM 

11 January 2019

Red Hawk Partners with Ascom

Red Hawk Fire and Security Partners with Ascom to offer sales and support of Ascoms software, applications, devices and infrastructure. 
Ascom is a global solutions provider focused on healthcare ICT and mobile workflow solutions. The vision of Ascom is to close digital information gaps allowing for the best possible decisions - anytime and anywhere. Ascom’s mission is to provide mission-critical, real-time solutions for highly mobile, ad hoc, and time-sensitive environments. Ascom uses its unique product and solutions portfolio and software architecture capabilities to devise integration and mobilization solutions that provide truly smooth, complete and efficient workflows.  Ascom has operating businesses in 18 countries and employs around 1,300 people worldwide.

Key Market Focus
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22 August 2018

The Cannabis Market is Making Huge Moves & Red Hawk Fire & Security is Committed to Protect Those Assets

Red Hawk is prepared to monitor, control and capture every aspect of any cannabis facility. Our fire and security experts will provide design, planning, deployment, project management, commissioning, training and ongoing service and maintenance. We also believe that cannabis regulations can change quickly and become more severe. We are committed to being the local expert partner with a national presence so our clients can focus on their businesses. Drop me a note at james.mcdonald@redhawkus.com to learn more.

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09 August 2018


I am excited to announce that I have joined Red Hawk Fire & Security sales department in the role of Solutions Sales Integrator.   I invite you to join me in this exciting new chapter and continue to grow our long-term mutually beneficial partnership. You will enjoy the same commitment and dedication from me, with additional support from a top solutions partner with thousands of successful customer relationships.  In 2012, Red Hawk Fire & Security was formed.  Formerly operating as Chubb Fire and Security, a division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Red Hawk has an experienced team of talented industry veterans.  Today Red Hawk Fire & Security is a privately held, American Company with over $220,000,000 in annual sales and 43+ offices around the country that have an unparalleled knowledge of their communities and are committed to protecting businesses of all kinds.
Red Hawk believes that coming from a strong heritage of excellence in the life safety industry and having a clear vision for the future. Red Hawk’s business goals are to help your business grow. We are big enough to provide all the resources you need including innovative technology, forward-facing solutions and proven products, but we are not so big that we aren’t there for you when you need us.  My services start with understanding your needs and then configuring cutting-edge technology to provide solutions for them. However, I don’t stop there. I continue to review, with my team, the latest technology to keep you informed of potential enhancements to your business safety solutions.

Since 2002, when I began this journey, my customers trust has always been my most valuable asset, and I take on that role with the utmost care. Nothing is more important than serving my customers. My goal is to be the trusted partner you can rely on.  At Red Hawk, my team and I can assist you in the design, installation, integration, monitoring and servicing of integrated security, sprinkler, fire and other life safety solutions. We will deliver what you need, and nothing more.  We have the knowledge you need, the expertise you can rely on, a team you can trust.  More than 50,000 companies and institutions across the country rely on the resources, knowledge and reach that the Red Hawk team delivers, and our 1,400+ employees nationwide are ready to provide you with an unmatched customer experience.

To learn more, drop me a note or give me a call, I will then follow up in a week or so to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss if Red Hawk can be of assistance now or in the near future.

As always, best regards,

-Jamie McDonald
System Sales Integrator
Red Hawk Fire & Security, LLC
300 Myles Standish Boulevard, Suite 101
Taunton, MA 02780
Phone: (774) 218-5140
LinkedIn Profile:  PhysicalSecurityTechnologist
Licenses: MA-7012-C, RI-5862, CT ELC-0106135-L5

Red Hawk Fire & Security featured in Campus Safety Magazine

Passive fire protection systems attempt to compartmentalize buildings to prevent or slow the spread of fires. Where active protection systems detect and suppress fires, passive fire protection systems aim to limit the spread of fires to minimize building damage. Passive fire systems also help firefighters attempting to put out a fire and give building occupants more time to escape.

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Three Emerging Technologies Integrating Into Healthcare Security Programs

Emerging technologies are changing the face of safety and security in the healthcare industry at a rapid pace. What wasn’t even thought of last year is today’s reality. Healthcare facilities are constantly faced with the desire to upgrade or enhance their program, but are challenged by the functionality of their older, existing system. So how do you get the newest technology without replacing the entire system? The easy answer is turnkey system integration. This white paper will look at three of the emerging technologies that need to be integrated into existing systems and that are transforming healthcare safety and security including advanced HD cameras with multi-function capabilities and the stretch technologies that allow them to run over existing coax lines, web-based physical access control, and evolving infant monitoring systems that help provide peace of mind for new moms.

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To learn more about this solution or about Red Hawk Fire and Security, drop me a note at james.mcdonald@redhawkus.com

Physical Security Talking Points and Fraud

When discussing physical security, there are several important talking points to consider. Here are some key points to include: Risk Assessm...