31 January 2013

Critical Communications in a Hospital by Stentofon

Stentofon released a whitepaper on Critical Communications in a Hospital.  Over the years I have used and sold many audio intercom solutions as they have evolved   By far the best solution has been those provided by Stentofon.  

A good communications system is vital in a hospital environment as you all know.  The need that requests for help and support can be made quickly and questions and answers are understood clearly is paramount. The linked document takes a closer look at all aspects of communication one must consider, when providing communication solutions for hospitals.

STENTOFON offers a wide range of products and solutions that gives a voice to staff, patients and visitors. At the reception, the guardroom, in the corridors, offices or in the operating room, one can always rely on STENTOFON to provide secure communication throughout the entire facility. The STENTOFON intercom system has been proven to be an invaluable tool for daily operations and a lifesaver in critical situations.  

Drop me a line if you would like a demonstration at jmcdonald@americanalarm.com.

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