02 September 2012

Avigilon has a Superior Platform and Camera Line and Will Also Work with Most Existing Cameras You May Have

Many of you who have worked with me in the last 18 months know that I have been deploying Avigilon’s cameras and platform throughout my customer base.  I was very impressed with their processing and management of high-definition surveillance footage especially how they handle can bandwidth management.  HD can be taxing on your bandwidth—that’s not the case with High-Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM™) by Avigilon.  HDSM™ efficiently manages bandwidth usage and storage, so you can add as many high-definition surveillance cameras to your system as you want without affecting your network.  Additionally, With HDSM™ you can add more megapixels to your surveillance system including cameras from existing analog up to 29 MP to get better coverage and more image detail by putting more pixels on target than the millions of traditional analog and lower IP systems that are already deployed.

ACC was designed with openness in mind. Their video management software allows you to easily integrate with most leading camera and hardware manufactures. You can integrate Avigilon with existing legacy systems, including access control and building management. Their distributed architecture with .NET based API makes it easy. Maintain a single interface and save on training costs. Personally I have had great success with many of my preferred solution platforms.

Most recently I have begun to deploy their new H3 (H.246) line of 1mp – 5mp including their 1.0mp and 2.0mp PTZ products.  I have gotten crystal clear images even in challenging lighting conditions, with wide dynamic range on their upgraded H3 compression platform. The new 3 MP H264 HD camera has greater resolution and improved low light performance as well as simple installation with remote zoom and focus, which has been accepted very well equally by my customers and installation technicians.

If you have been deploying video solutions for more than a few years, you know from time your solution does not always work as designed.  Many times there is finger pointing by the different manufacturers on why this camera doesn’t work with this software and so on. With Avigilon's network video recorders that employ RAID storage when needed and redundant power supply options for maximum reliability so you never have to worry about downtime or finger pointing.   The Avigilon servers are perfect for larger-scale deployments. NVR servers come in a standard rack mount enclosure and can record up to 32MB/s of image data from up to 128 cameras, giving you a scalable solution to meet your growing needs.

No matter if your organization is Retail, Banking, Airport, Transportation, Casino, Healthcare, Education, Public Transit, Critical Infrastructure or any location or facility where an integrated surveillance solution can enhance your security or mitigate risk and liability, Avigilon is a solution you should explore.  Avigilon is a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high definition, network-based video surveillance systems and equipment for the global security market.  Go to www.Avigilon.com for additional information, for a no obligation demonstration or free 30 day trial, give me a call.


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