15 August 2011

Safety, Security & Privacy - SituCon Privacy Protecting Safety Technology Rolls out in NY School District

A school district in New York has implemented an emergency video and audio notification system that only activates cameras when somebody pushes an alerting device.  Should an emergency occur, a teacher or staff person can push a wireless SituCon "Instant Alert" button on their person, which generates e-mails and texts to school administrators and local police with identifying information such as the individual's name, location, and phone number.

Simultaneously, "eyelids" on SituCam cameras open and begin recording video of the situation at the police dispatch center and on responding officers' smart phones, so that they have a better understanding about what's happening as they enter the emergency site.  At other times, SituCam's eyelids remain closed, except after hours when monitoring is allowed to protect other school assets.

The aired version of a new NY clip can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_profilepage&v=CqOSVO6pu-M

SituCon’s technology has been deployed here in Massachusetts in Marshfield and Brookline, among others.  The technology has found applications in schools, libraries, Police interview rooms, other public buildings, IT rooms, hospitals and other settings where privacy is vital but security situational awareness is critical if events warrant a quick response.

See all SituCon news at http://www.situconsystems.com/news.asp

The SituCon device is a smart enclosure that works with various cameras and can be accessed wired or wireless allowing responders to access the video and/or audio thru various devices in a crisis situation.  The system is powered by a single POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) single Cat6 cable.
We at American Alarm & Communications, Inc., have an active relationship with SituCon and can help you design, test and deploy their technology in your organization.  Contact me directly for more information at (508) 453-2731.

About SituCon Systems
SituCon Systems is the leading innovator of hardware and software technologies that provide both safety and privacy. SituCon’s Emergency Awareness Solution uses innovative privacy protecting technologies, a sophisticated alerting system and on-demand video to deliver complete peace of mind. Public safety agencies, schools, municipalities and businesses around the country use SituCon’s products to protect safety and safeguard privacy. For more information please visit www.situcon.com.

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