28 October 2010


Mobile duress system combines latest mass notification capabilities with advanced positioning technology to pinpoint alarm devices.  Inovonics (http://www.inovonics.com), the industry leader in high-performance wireless sensor networks for commercial and life safety applications, today announced Radius™,  the security industry’s first situational awareness system utilizing Inovonics’ wireless positioning technology. Radius combines the latest mass notification capabilities with advanced positioning technology to pinpoint mobile duress alarm devices for use in multiple industries, including manufacturing/industrial plants, retail, education, government, and the financial sector.

Radius monitors any Inovonics’ security, and sensor, end devices and interfaces to fire, access control and environment systems, providing instant notification to mass communication alert devices.  For example, when a potential life-threatening event occurs, it is automatically transmitted to Radius. The system then processes and locates the position where the event is taking place and alerts the appropriate authorities immediately so they can get help and move affected people to a safe, secure location.

“Radius fills a critical need in today’s security marketplace,” said Jeff Kessler, managing director of Imperial Capital (http://www.imperialcapital.com/), a leading security market research and advisory firm. “Most systems only can notify when a duress alarm has been activated, but, with Inovonics’ wireless Radius system, users can now tell exactly where the [mobile] alarm is coming from. No other system in the security marketplace can do that today.”

Unlike traditional hard-wired control panel systems that have been used to detect safety issues and report alarms, Radius provides a complete end-to-end, IP-enabled wireless solution for the security market. Radius can work alone or be integrated with other safety and security systems. Key features and benefits of Radius include:

  • Location: Radius allows for mobile duress applications by accurately determining where an alarm is coming from within a building or campus setting. It allows users to locate employees, faculty or students immediately when they signal for help.
Monitoring: Radius works with the complete line of Inovonics end devices, including pendant transmitters, universal transmitters and motion detectors. It also supports integration with Inovonics’ extensive list of system partners who provide fire extinguisher monitoring, wireless perimeter beams, fence tilt sensors, man hole cover monitoring, water sensors and a host of many other types of solutions. Radius also can alert users even when people are not present, such as after-hours.  The sooner users are notified of an issue, the faster they can take action.
Notification: Radius coordinates event monitoring and mass notification. It communicates information from in-building systems and routes them to alert devices, such as pagers, emails and mobile phones using text messaging or voice mail. Radius also packages multiple in-building systems into a single notification solution allowing for more efficient and quicker responses.

“Inovonics is committed to providing the most advanced technology on the market today for ensuring the safety and security of organizations’ most important assets – their people, buildings and housed resources,” explained Mark Jarman, president of Inovonics. “Radius exemplifies this commitment and provides the highest degree of trust, reliability and proven accuracy available in the market today regardless of structural, physical or geographic challenges.”

Configurations, Availability and Pricing:

Radius can be used within single buildings or scale to large multi-building campuses spread over hundreds of acres. It can be easily integrated with other fire and safety and security systems and be customized based on customer preference. It is available now and is priced based on customer configuration. For more information and to view the intro video, visit the Radius product page at www.inovonics.com/radius.aspx.

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