02 December 2009

$250,000,000 Dollars of Physical Security Technology Sales Can't Be Wrong.

Risk mitigation, loss prediction, prevention and security have been the driving force for my work since before 911. My client’s have purchased more than $250,000,000 dollars of physical security technology and labor to be used to intelligently mitigate risk, reduce losses, and protect their employees, customers, constituents and company enterprise assets.

The increasing convergence of risk management, physical security and technology is enabling greater incident prevention and analysis; and quicker decision making, deployment and response across the enterprise organization. The acquisition and deployment of these solutions will increasingly require an understanding of how protecting the organization’s business operations functions within the IT/IP infrastructure.

Convergence between physical security solutions and the IT/IP infrastructure allows for the integration of legacy and new IP technology solutions requires seamless implementation across new and existing enterprises. The infrastructure investment for the implementation of security technology now more closely conforms to existing IT business models within the organization. To better quantify the return on investment for their business intelligent/security solutions has always been simple for me, for example on client with 5,000 locations spent $100,000,000 over three years to install my recommended solution within their enterprise. Their estimated return-on-investment (ROI) will be $1,500,000,000 over five years. My point is that the integration of physical security/business intelligent technologies into all elements of the enterprise operation is becoming both a requirement and a substantial value to every organization I associate.

As always, it is my goal and ambition to be passionate about my customers needs, confront and solve problems constructively by fostering a collaborative team effort which conducts business with uncompromising integrity. To continue to offer solutions n the areas of compliance, operational risk management and physical security to make certain I represent key innovation in risk and compliance management solutions that meet the business requirements of Global 2000 customers. If I can help your organization no matter if you are a manufacturer or an end-user, I can help improve your ROI to deliver and benefit from physical security technologies. Drop me a note at james.mcdonald@pst-mail.com.

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